Females Without Fear
Females Without Fear

Who We Are

The Females Without Fear Mastery Group is a tribe of females that meets every week to work on healing life issues such as trauma, abuse, loss, grief, transition, conditioning and other deep-rooted setbacks. We convene in our virtual sacred space to receive coaching techniques, tools, resources, connections, love, empowerment, praise, and understanding. At times, we meet up in smaller FWF Sister local groups.

Our weekly sessions are normally 90 minutes in length and topics are scheduled in advance. Participants can dial in and use video through Zoom. We also broadcast our sessions on the Women’s Broadcast Television Network (WBTVN) and all sessions are recorded for future reference.

Claim your “I AM” a Female Without Fear right to be.

The Females Without Fear Mastery Group has many benefits. In this group you will:

  • Work with a Certified Life, Spiritual and Christian Coach who will show you proven effective methods to excel.
  • Interact and network with like-minded females who accept unconditionally; receive the support you have been longing for!
  • Enjoy collaboration rather than competition.
  • Learn how to heal rather than cover up.
  • Gain insight into holistic practices!

Why You Should Join

  • You deserve a great quality of life, and you should live your dreams!
  • Our members are part of a global community and the support we offer is second to none.
  • We don’t sugarcoat the past, but we will give you effective methods to get the results you’re looking for.
  • Our group is budget-friendly!
Why Join? - Female Without Fear

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How To Join

Attend our tribal meetings and participate at your comfort level. Register each week on our Eventbrite page!

Contact Information

For additional information or to be a Guest Host, email us at info@putitinperspective.net or fill out the form below. You can also visit the Put It In Perspective website! For daily inspiration and information, follow our coach on Facebook.

Put It In Perspective is a coaching, wellness, healing, mentoring, facilitating and support based entity. We work with individuals to help them achieve fulfillment while executing their goals and objectives as well as their healing from life trauma, abuse or challenges.

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